Thursday, May 29, 2014

Birthday Dinner With Liz

P1110827 Mom called around 4:00 today and said that she would just go & pick up Autumn from daycare, that way I could have an hour to myself before going to get Liz for our dinner date.  I went to Ross and QUICKLY tried on about 20 pieces of clothing.  I ended up buying myself a shirt, a skirt, and 2 dresses!  Yay for new (and reasonably priced) clothes that fit and are comfortable.  It’s hard to find clothes when you’re an Amazon woman like me.  Anyways, I rushed over to pick up Liz at 6:30 and we went over to the house they are putting on the market tomorrow.  They have done a lot of repairs and updates (like the French doors & hardwood floors) and it looks great!  I hope it sells quickly and that they get what they’re asking for it.  She had it staged so cute!

IMG_3709 I told her to pick anywhere she wanted to go for dinner, and she picked BJ’s Brewhouse.  OF COURSE we had to get the avocado eggrolls w/ sweet dipping sauce for an appetizer.  They were delicious.

P1110828 She got some pasta w/ chicken and I got a Greek pita.  We went all out for dessert and got the 3 small sampler of Pizookies and also Liz said I had to try their Baked Beignet.  Liz was right … that beignet was incredible.  I thought it was cute that they put a candle (it’s hard to see in this pic) in the middle of the Pizookie.  Luckily they didn’t sing to her, but I had her make a wish and blow out the candle anyways.

IMG_3711 I know this picture is grainy & blurry, b/c it was taken w/ my iPhone in really dark lighting.  But, I had to include it anyways b/c it shows Liz looking at the gift I gave her.  I went back through every single picture I have since July 2007 & found all the ones I had of her.  There ended up being 382 pics!  I printed off 80 of them and put them in this Project Life mini album.  I wrote notes on about half of the journaling cards.  It was a complete labor of love, and totally worth it.  I had such a great time going back & reliving the past 7 years of my life through pictures.  Plus, Liz loved it and even got teary-eyed.  I am so incredibly thankful for our close & special friendship.  She’s a true kindred spirit, and we’ve been there for each other through A LOT!  Happy Birthday, Liz!

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