Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Whoppers Award & Senior Night

IMG_3708 Autumn brought home this award from school today, and I had to laugh.  She got the Whoppers Award “for being a great storyteller.”  BA HA HA!  Sounds about right.

P1110816 As soon as I got home from work, I started some queso (Velvetta & Rotel) in the crock pot to take to Senior Night.  Autumn went w/ me and was a big helper.  We have 7 graduating Seniors this year and for our activity we had a buffet table w/ their favorite foods.  We had nachos, hot wings, ramen noodles, PB&J sandwiches, etc.  Then we had a big Costco cake.  I was worried we wouldn’t have enough food (especially since the Young Men were in charge), but it all worked out just fine.  After everyone ate, there was a slideshow of pictures of each of the Seniors from birth through now.  That was neat to see, especially since their families were there.  Tejan, the kid on the far right is going to be playing football for BYU, so that will be fun to watch a home town kid playing on TV this fall.

P1110824 We had to get our usual picture of the graduating Seniors holding Sis. Lee.  I don’t even know where this tradition of the Young Women holding her was started, but it’s pretty funny.

P1110825 I just love these 3 Laurel’s so much and am sure going to miss them!!!  Autumn & I stayed and helped clean up until 8:30, and I felt bad leaving before everything was done.  But, I had to get her home to bed so she won’t be a grouchy girl in the morning.

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