Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fun Family Photos

IMG_3581 My day started really early.  I got up at 5:30 in order to make it to the 6:30 session at the temple.  It was cool that the sky was starting to get lighter & the moon was still out when I got there.  I came home and changed clothes quick, got Autumn ready, and we rushed to JC Penny to get pictures taken.

IMG_3582 They opened the photo center early just for us b/c we have such a big group and they wanted to get us done first.  Here we are waiting to go in.  After the pics, we hung out & waited while Mom decided which ones she wanted to buy.

IMG_3587 We all got bored/tired after an hour of waiting, so we decided to leave Mom to it.  We got outside & the kids and Nate had an impromptu dance party on the red blocks outside of the store.  A convertible drove by w/ an older couple in it, and they honked and waved and started dancing along in their car.  It was AWESOME!!!

IMG_2114 The reason we waited for Mom so long instead of just leaving, was that we wanted to go over to a friend’s house to get pictures together in their GORGEOUS backyard.  As soon as we pulled up, Nate ran straight for their big tree swim and started doing this.  I was laughing so hard I could barely take the picture.  He’s such a goober (in the best way possible).

IMG_2119 This was the best one we could get of the 3 oldest grandkids because …

IMG_2123 … this is what happened right after I snapped the picture.  The swing seat tipped & they all fell off onto the ground. LOL!

IMG_2133 Unfortunately, Dad was on backup and had to go in so he wasn’t in the pics.  Mimi wanted a picture w/ all the grandkids.

IMG_2134 This is a “behind the scenes” shot to make the nice one posted above happen.  Nate has his sunglasses in his mouth & it looks like he has a moustache & beard.

IMG_2140 We got a few good ones like this.  Nate holds Olivia up like this all the time and she loves it!

IMG_2169 Such a cute & photogenic family

IMG_2148This picture might just be my favorite b/c of Jackson’s face.  He was pouting b/c the older kids walked across the rocks and he was sad that they didn’t help him!  He’s such a cutie.

IMG_2178 “Nick & Adam, watch out for the scary bridge troll!”

IMG_2183 The Ladies

IMG_2202 The Gents

IMG_2212 Mom wanted a picture of all her & Dad’s posterity.  This was the best one we could get b/c by this point everyone was just DONE!!!

IMG_2223 I thought this was such a cute one of Nate & Autumn on the swing together.

IMG_3595 We went back to Mom & Dad’s house and I helped Mom clean up the kitchen and get lunch ready while the kids relaxed and watched Quest For Camelot.  At 1:00 we started our party.  Uncle Robert & Aunt Sandy came and the Wrights also dropped in.  At one point, we had 17 people outside eating and talking and laughing and playing.  It was WONDERFUL!!!

IMG_3603 The 3 kids were the only ones who got in the pool, but they had a BLAST.  At one point both Autumn & Andrew were in this inner tube at the same time.  It was HILARIOUS to watch them try and walk around and jump into the pool together.  They were laughing so hard.

IMG_3599After 5 straight hours of swimming, we finally made the kids get out.  Autumn was SO TIRED that she had a little melt down, so I wrapped her up in a towel and just sat and rocked her for a little bit.  That’s such a rare thing for her to hold still and snuggle with me, and I was LOVING it!  For the rest of the evening we just hung out, the kids watched Mulan to unwind, and then Autumn & I came home to sleep b/c it had been a BIG day!!!

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