Friday, May 16, 2014

Torn Up Road & Cheesecake

IMG_3573 Nate went & picked Autumn up from daycare around 3:30 so that she could have more time to play w/ the cousins.  I was surprised by this sight as I drove into Mom & Dad’s neighborhood.  They are going to be repaving all the roads, so right now it’s all just dirt roads.  I hope it doesn’t rain and turn into mud!

IMG_3576 Nicholas Peter came over to say hi (and bye) since he is leaving tomorrow to drive back up to UT.  I’m so glad that he & Nate have each other and are such good friends.  They were eating this yummy chocolate cheesecake that was left over from Maggie’s party last night and told me to take a picture like engaged couples do when they’re eating their wedding cake.  They’re such goof balls!!!

IMG_3578 I sat outside and watched the kids swim b/c it was the perfect weather.  Mom brought out a piece of strawberry cheesecake w/ 3 forks for the kids, and it was GONE in about 28 seconds!!!  We finally made the kids get out and come in the house once it started to get dark, b/c they were shivering.  Autumn & I came home so we could both get some good sleep b/c we’ve got a big day tomorrow.

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