Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pure Joy

IMG_2241 This morning we got up, got cleaned up, and headed over to Mom & Dad’s to eat breakfast.  This picture is of Mom cutting the handles off my purse.  It was so ghetto and worn out that the stuffing was coming out of the handles.  She had finally had enough & cut it up so I can’t use it anymore.  She bought me one exactly like it for Christmas and said now I’ll have to use the new one.  LOL!

IMG_3611 I love this picture of the cute cousins having some reading time together while we waited for everyone to get ready to leave.

IMG_3614 Britt snuck this picture of us all together on the same row at church.  I’m so glad he did, b/c this is what Mom calls “PURE JOY!!!”

IMG_2243 We stayed for the 2nd hour of church, but then skipped the 3rd hour and came home to eat before Nate & Riannon had to leave for a meeting.  This is also another example of PURE JOY.

IMG_2247We got lunch all cleaned up, and then Lexie & Jon started packing up to drive back home.  Jackson wasn’t listening when they told him to start cleaning up the toys, so they put him in time out.  He decided to sit in the time out chair like this and it was cracking us up.  We were so sad to see them leave.

Autumn & I were craving some quiet time after some big & busy & fun-filled days.  So, we went & snuggled in Mom & Dad’s bed and watched Shark Tale & Ratatouille.  I even took a nice nap for about an hour.  We came home around 7:00 so we could get ready for the coming week.  I can’t even put into words what this weekend has meant to me.  Being surrounded by family and having ALL of us together is something I absolutely cherish and don’t take for granted.

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