Thursday, May 15, 2014

Maggie’s Birthday Shrimp Boil Party

IMG_3538 Tonight for dinner we had a big shrimp boil to celebrate Maggie’s birthday tomorrow.  Plus, Nicholas Peter is in town from UT to visit Nate.

P1110756 The gang

IMG_3541 I love it that we just throw the food right out onto the table & eat w/ our hands.  That’s part of what makes shrimp boils so fun.  Plus, the clean up is super easy!

IMG_3545 After dinner, the “adults” went to play some backyard baseball while the crazy kids jumped in the cold pool.

P1110768 For dessert we put a candle in the cheesecake & sang to Maggie & had her blow out the candle.  Dad had his hands full w/ grandbabies, so Nate was a good helper and fed him dessert.  It makes me laugh that Adam’s looking up like, “Hey!  Where’s my bite” and Olivia’s got her hand raised like, “I’m next!”

IMG_3550 This picture is my favorite one of the night for so many reasons.  Jackson was squirting Nate w/ the water gun, so Nate stole it from him & was chasing him around and acting like he was going to shoot him.  Jackson’s so smart that he ran behind Papa & used Papa & the babies as a shield.  The smile on Jackson’s face, Dad’s huge grin and laugh, Nate’s teasing look, and the babies looking at him like, “please don’t shoot us” just cracks me up!!!

IMG_3558 As the evening was wrapping up, Autumn & Andrew came out and announced to all of us that they were having an “ultimate, ultimate sale” on rainbow looms.  They were buy one, get one free!  This is the ADORABLE sign they made.

IMG_3559 Mimi was their first customer, and after buying one she jokingly whispered to me, “um, I’m pretty sure I bought the loom and the bands to begin with, so why am I  paying for them a 2nd time?”  LOL!

IMG_3567 Mom took some money outside and handed it to the adults & told them they’d better get in the house & buy some rainbow looms.  Andrew was quite the salesman and was cracking me up!  Nate & Riannon asked if there was a military discount & were sad to hear that there wasn’t.  Nate told Andrew that he was un-American for not offering a military discount, so Andrew just took the $1 bill and gave Nate back 16 cents!  Ba ha ha.  Good times!

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