Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pick Up Stick Straws & Classic Musicals At WalMart

IMG_3632 Tonight for dinner Mom made fried rice & pot stickers.  Lexie kept oohing and aahing about how good the food was.  After dinner, Autumn read to Lexie & then Autumn and I had to leave to go grocery shopping.  We haven’t been in over a week, and our list was really long.  I went to grab a bottle of apple soda for Nick (it’s his favorite) and this happened!  Someone must have opened the bottom of the bag of straws so when I went to grab a bottle of soda next to them, all 100 of them spilled out onto the floor like pick up sticks! Lol.

IMG_3643 Autumn had to go to the restroom, so we walked to the back of the store.  While I was waiting for her, I noticed they had an end cap full of classical musicals.  I was THRILLED to see that they were all $5 each or less (I splurged on Bye Bye Birdie b/c it was $7.50).  I couldn’t help myself and came home w/ all of these DVD’s.  I know almost every word to every song in each of these musicals.  I feel a “Musical Marathon Movie Day” coming up this weekend.  I can’t wait to introduce Autumn to the great acting & music.

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