Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Poppin’ Tags For Trek Clothes

P1110784-1 Tonight for our Laurel’s class activity, we went to Goodwill so the girls could try and find some skirts & shirts for Trek coming up.

IMG_3645 I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this skirt.  It’s made out of the EXACT SAME PRINT as the shirt that Mom literally cut off my back on Monday!  I started laughing so hard, and so did the girls when I explained it to them.  I texted Mom this picture and asked her if I should get this skirt for Autumn to wear.  BA HA HA! TOO FUNNY!

IMG_3650 The girls were able to find a few things.  Lookin’ good, ladies!

IMG_3652 Since Goodwill closes at 8:00, we stopped at Sonic on the way back to the church for their 1/2 priced shakes.  The place was PACKED as in EVERY.SINGLE.STALL was full!  I’ve never seen any Sonic that busy before ever.  This is Sis. Lee hanging out the window to order our shakes.  She totally caught me taking the pic, b/c as soon as I snapped this she turned around to ask me something.  LOL!  It took a while to get our shakes, and I got the cookie dough one, but it was just a plain vanilla shake.  I wasn’t about to say anything and try to get a different one, b/c we would have been there another 1/2 hour.  One of the girls got the jalapeno chocolate shake, and I must have gotten a bad strawful, b/c it was NASTY!  The taste I got didn’t even taste like chocolate and it had about 30 little pieces of jalapeno in it.  It was a super fun activity!

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