Monday, May 19, 2014

The BEST Family Home Evening EVER

IMG_3622 When Autumn & I got over to Mom & Dad’s house tonight, there was quite a messy surprise!  They are having their roof replaced due to hail damage.  Mom said they started at 6:00 this morning & they had 2 crews working, and they still weren’t finished by 6:00 pm.  Hopefully they will be finished by tomorrow, and their roof will be beautiful and new.  We had to be very careful not to step on nails as we walked to the house.

IMG_2253 Autumn wanted to do her reading homework with Lexie tonight.  I was laughing as I took this pic b/c Autumn looks SO BIG sitting on Lexie’s little lap.

IMG_2271 This bib that Mom made for Adam is TOO CUTE!

IMG_2274 We had to snap a quick sibling pic before Nate leaves to go back to Spain tomorrow (we missed having Nick, but he was at work).  The time has gone by too fast and we are sure going to miss him!  We had the absolute BEST Family Home Evening tonight.  The Spirit was so strong and I don’t think there was a dry eye.  We learned about the Atonement & baptism.  I am thankful that because of Jesus Christ families can be together forever.  Especially since I really like my family.

IMG_2276 After Family Home Evening, we had rouladen and mashed potatoes and broccoli at Nate’s request.  As Autumn & I were packing up our stuff and getting ready to head home, Mom grabbed some scissors & attacked me by cutting up my shirt!  She has been threatening to do it for months b/c she said it’s old and gross.  No one else thought so, but she did.  In her defense, I have had this shirt since before Autumn was born so it’s at least 8 years old!  We all got a really good laugh out of it (I love Autumn’s face in this pic).  I told Mom I hope I don’t get pulled over by a cop and then I have to explain why my shirt looks like Edward Scissorhands got a hold of it.  GOOD TIMES!!!

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Jen T said...

I think that is a cute shirt :) Isn't FHE the best? So glad you had it with all your family! Have a great one!