Saturday, May 31, 2014

Swimming Saturday

IMG_3731 I got up this morning and made it to the 7:00 session at the temple by the skin of my teeth.  I wanted to go to the 7:00 instead of 7:30 session so I could be home in time for Nick to go w/ Dad to the church at 10:00 to set up chairs for the viewing & funeral of Sis. Lewis.  They ended up not having to go b/c someone had already set them up.  Mom gave Nick a haircut & did this cute craft for a wedding reception tonight.  I love it when she gets her craft on.  She left w/ 2 hams to go to a funeral at 1:00 & then a temple sealing at 3:00.

IMG_3736 Autumn & I ran 3 pans of food & the wooden names over to the Wright’s at 2:00 for the wedding reception tonight.  Then we stopped & got a Little Caesar’s pizza & crazy bread for a late lunch.  There’s nothing better than pizza & the pool.

IMG_3737Autumn makes the best foot rest!  It’s unfair how white I am compared to how brown she is!  I’m super jealous of her gorgeous dark skin.

IMG_3746 While we were swimming, it started raining.  There were dark clouds off to the east, but the sun was shining to the west.  It was so weird!  Then there was a big beautiful rainbow.  Autumn wanted me to play “Let It Go” on my phone, and this was her “interpretive dance” to it.  She was making up a whole routine on the spot.

IMG_3748 This was the grand finale (yes, jazz hands included) to “you can fix this fixer upper up with a little bit of love.”  She cracks me up!  We finally came in when it started to get windy.  We relaxed and watched some TV, Mom & Riannon brought home Wendy’s for dinner, and we left at 8:30 when Mulan was over.

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