Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dirty Diet Coke & A Fiery Sunset

IMG_3902 Today Mom got some coconut syrup at the store, so we made some “Dirty Diet Cokes” to enjoy on such a hot summer night.  We tried it w/ just the juice of a lime wedge, but it wasn’t limey enough.  So, we added some lime juice and that made it perfect.  I think this might be my go to drink for the summer!

IMG_3897 Tonight at swim lessons we got to go into the pool area & watch.  They are learning crawl stroke, back stroke, elementary back stroke, arrow dives, and survival stroke.  Ms. Cis saw me all wrapped up in towels so I don’t get eaten by mosquitoes, so she came out and talked to me for a little bit.  She’s a kindred spirit for sure!

P1110874 This was the gorgeous fiery sunset on the way home tonight.  I LOVE it that it stays light so late now.  We’ll have to do something fun to celebrate the longest day of the year on June 21st, and try not to think of how that means it starts to get darker earlier (even if just by an imperceptible amount) after the 21st.

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