Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Flavored WalMart Water & Princess Bride Card Game

IMG_3891 Today I ran to WalMart for lunch b/c I needed to pick up some pictures I had printed off for Project Life, plus I needed to pick up a few things for Young Women’s tonight.  I love the coconut flavor of the WalMart brand of flavored water.  I saw a few new flavors I hadn’t seen before, so I decided to give them a try.  I actually liked the blackberry flavor the best.  So good!

IMG_3893 Tonight for our Laurel’s activity we had a swim party at Mom & Dad’s.  I provided the hot dogs & chips & drinks.  Sis. Lee brought some fruit & this DELICIOUS cake!  It’s 3 layers of Oreo truffles w/ white chocolate in between!  HOLY MOLY, it was delicious and super rich.  We each just had one small slice of the top layer, and that was more than enough to send us into a sugar rush.  It was so worth every calorie.

IMG_3895 We only had 2 Laurels show up, and neither of them had brought their swimsuits!  But, Karen brought this Princess Bride game and so we played it.  It was fun and was like Apples To Apples.  I love the Princess Bride!  If you play it, I’d recommend having a device w/ internet capability close by, b/c we had to look up quite a few of the names on the cards b/c we didn’t know what they were.

P1110867Even though we were few in numbers tonight, we still had a lot of fun.  I love that we can have meaningful but laid back activities like this during the summer.  I love serving in Young Women’s!

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