Saturday, June 14, 2014

Flag Day Party & Movie At The Baseball Stadium

IMG_2321 I didn’t go to the temple this morning, b/c I had gone w/ the youth last night.  I was hoping to sleep in since Autumn was at Mom & Dad’s, but my body naturally woke up at 7:00!  So, I got up and made a tres leches cake to take to Tyler & Emily’s Flag Day Party.  We went over to Mom & Dad’s at 9:00 to help Mom unload groceries and get the veggie tray ready for the party.  Then we headed off to our party to be there by 11:00.  We basically just sat around the table and ate and talked and ate some more.  I am glad they have big windows that look out onto their pool so I could keep an eye on Autumn w/out having to sit out in the heat.

IMG_2324 Here’s the crazy kiddos.  Autumn swam for 3 hours straight!  Brooke (the little girl on the far left w/ the blue goggles on her forehead) is cracking me up w/ the way she’s looking at this guy!  We finally left at 3:30 & Autumn crashed on the couch as soon as we got home.  She was so worn out.

IMG_3876 We had dinner & then left for the baseball stadium at 7:15.  We met up w/ Donna & Abbey and sat together on our big blanket on the field.  They were showing “The Incredibles” on the big screen, and they also had free popcorn.  The girls had fun running around and playing w/ the glow sticks they handed out once it started to get dark.  Donna & I ended up talking more than we watched the movie, which was fine w/ me.  Dad came & sat w/ us for a little bit until one of the clinics called to say they needed him since he was on back up.  We finally left at 9:30, b/c it was late and we didn’t want to mess w/ all the traffic once the movie got over.

Autumn said she was hungry when we got back to town, so we tried stopping at Taco Bueno, but they never took our order so we finally just pulled through the drive thru and went to Whataburger b/c it was the next closest restaurant.  I’m not a big fan of theirs b/c it took 8 minutes to order and get our food at the drive thru, and their plain jane burgers are expensive ($3.00).  Next time, we’re going to McDonald’s to get their $1 menu items!  We came home to eat, and Autumn didn’t want hers b/c it came w/ mustard on it.  By the time she had a bowl of cereal, it was 10:30 pm!  What a fun day.

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