Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father’s Day, Papa!!!

IMG_3864 Mom makes a big fabric square to display every month on the fireplace mantel.  This was the one she did for June.  Isn’t it cute?

IMG_3877 This was last night at the baseball stadium movie.  We sure love our Papa!

IMG_3879 We put together this little basket of things for Papa.  We had an orange drink that said “King” on it b/c he’s the king of the house, a bottle of “Dad’s root beer”, some lolli“POP”s, and some super hero candy.

P1110866 After Mom & Dad got home from church we had grilled steaks & fried zucchini for lunch.  Autumn had made this super cute card at daycare for him.  Inside she had written some really sweet things about why she loves her Papa.  They have a special bond and I’m so aware of the incredible blessing it is for her to get to be around such a great man almost every single day.  We don’t know what we’d do without our Papa!

After lunch, Autumn wanted to go play Legos in the back room & watch a movie.  So, I went back there w/ her and fell asleep on the floor for about an hour.  It was such a nice & needed nap.

I wanted to share what Nate posted on his Facebook page that made me cry:

I want to give some special Father's Day lovin to my father.  As I have gotten older and matured over this last year, and mostly as I have become a father myself, I have become more and more grateful for you in my life. I consider you to be one of my best and dearest friends, mentor, role model, and leader, but of all those I am most proud to call you dad. I must have been pretty awesome in heaven to get sent to you and mom. I love you with all my heart and hope this Father's Day is extra special and enjoyable for you.

Also, to my sister Lisa, you pull double duty every day, and Autumn couldn't ask for a better mom/dad. Here's to you.

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Jen T said...

What a cute Dad quilt! Love the special basket of stuff for your dad and Autumn's card. Love your brother's post. We are so very blessed to have great Dad's in our lives! You are lucky to live so close to yours!!!