Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Help & No Minnie’s “Terrible Awful” Pie

IMG_3860 Mom said everyone was on their own again tonight, so Autumn & I came home and had a plate of steamed edamame for an appetizer while we waited for dinner to bake. 

IMG_3852 We had “Lion King”, which is what Autumn used to call chicken a la king.  We LOVED having chicken a la king as kids, b/c Mom would get these puff pastry cups and we loved peeling off the top and filling them up w/ the chicken gravy.  We haven’t been able to find them in a long time, so when I saw these at WalMart the other night I almost did a happy dance in the aisle.  I took a picture of it and texted it to Mom.  She noticed that they were bite sized cups instead of the big ones.  But, it didn’t matter b/c they were SO GOOD!  The only bad part was that I could have eaten all 24 of them b/c they were so cute and small.

IMG_3857 I had posted this picture on Facebook and said that Autumn & I were going to watch The Help at 7:00 & that we promised not to serve Minnie’s “terrible awful pie” but that we would have this pie instead.  Donna was the only one that took me up on the offer to come over and watch it, but it was so fun to have her here.  She’s such a good friend and we enjoyed the movie and the pie.


We were all in our jammies, for some reason Autumn looked SO GROWN UP to me tonight!  We got these pajama pants at WalMart the other night for just $2 on the clearance rack.  They’re a size too big & she had to roll up the bottom of the pants, but for 2 bucks who cares?  They’ll probably fit her perfectly by this winter.

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