Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Big Interview Today

jcenter Today was a big day for Mom & Dad, b/c they met w/ Dr. Kearl from BYU.  He flew in from Utah just for the day to interview them since they are 1 of 3 couples that it has been narrowed down to, to serve as the medical/housing volunteers for the BYU Jerusalem Center.  It isn’t technically a mission, since there is no proselytizing allowed, but they are so excited and really really want to be picked to go.  If they’re picked, they would leave towards the beginning of next year.  If they’re not picked, then they’ll put in their ppwk to serve a regular mission.

Tonight I had an interview w/ the Bishop.  My mind was spinning w/ all the different things it could be about (like a new calling). It ends up that he just wanted to check in with me and see how I’m doing.  He’s such an incredible man and I’m thankful for all the service he provides to our ward.

Tonight after I got Autumn to bed, I finished the Somerset book that I started at Costco on Saturday.  It was really good and I want to find the other 2 books that Leila Meacham wrote so I can read those.

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