Monday, July 7, 2014

FHE About Mary & Martha

IMG_4128 Mom said everyone was on their own tonight, so Autumn picked to go to Taco Cabana and share a Cabana bowl.  After we ate, we came home and she took a bath.  It cracks me up that after her bath she put on her “pretty and twirly” pajamas, fixed her hair, and even put in a bow.  Such a fashionista, even when just getting ready for bed.  We had Family Home Evening and talked about Mary & Martha and good vs. better choices.  We also listened to the song, “Foolish or Wise” from the Woman At The Well CD.  Then for refreshments we had ice cream w/ homemade magic shell chocolate.

After I got her to bed, I made a pan of brownies and when Nick got home at 9:50, I took the brownies and went over to Karri’s house.  Mary, Karri, Melanie & I played 2 games of hand & foot and just talked and caught up w/ each other’s lives.  We didn’t get done until 2:00 am!!! I know I’m going to be so tired tomorrow, but it was so worth it to spend time w/ these ladies that I love and admire.

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