Friday, July 18, 2014

Autumn’s Owie Bug Bite

IMG_4195 Yep, at 2:33 this morning I was wide awake b/c Autumn had woken up at least 8 times fussing that her bug bites hurt.  I went and got the calamine lotion and put some on her chigger bites to appease her (placebo effect) so she’d go back to sleep.

IMG_4198 She said she was fine this morning when we got up and left for daycare/work.  However, when we got home tonight she said one of her bites had been bugging her all day.  It was on her thigh and when I looked at it, I was a little alarmed.  This wasn’t a chigger bite, b/c there was a big circle of fluid around the bite.  I drew around where the fluid was w/ a sharpie so we could see if the area of fluid was growing.  Also, the area was red and inflamed and was hot to the touch.

IMG_4199 I texted the picture to Dad & he said it was slow at the clinics and to come by so he could take a look at it.  I’m guessing it was a spider bite.  He gave us some samples of antibiotic and told her to take them once a day and keep an eye on it.  Thank goodness for modern medicine & for the best pediatrician in the world!  Papa took her to the back to get a push up popsicle out of the freezer for being brave.  I had to snap this pic, even though it’s blurry, b/c pretty soon we won’t be able to go see Papa at the clinics.

IMG_4201 Earlier in the day one of the ladies I visit teach texted me to see if I could pick up her daughter, Ashley (who also happens to be one of my Laurels), to see if I could give her a ride to and from her driving lessons.  I was THRILLED that they would even ask, and THRILLED that I could help them out.  I just left work 15 minutes early and got her there in time.  After Autumn & I picked her up, we went to Sonic to get some drinks.  We just love Ashley to pieces.  She’s so strong in the Gospel, is so sweet, and she just “gets it.”

IMG_4203Autumn slept much better tonight thanks to the antibiotics.  The fluid around her bug bite didn’t grow anymore, and I’m sure by morning it will be all but gone.  Once I had her in bed, I watched this version of Sense & Sensibility that Sis. Lee let me borrow b/c I hadn’t seen it before.  It was good, but I still like the Kate Winslet/Emma Thompson version best.

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