Saturday, July 19, 2014

Playing Checkers With Papa With One Hand Behind His Back

IMG_4206 I went to the temple this morning & was going to go to the 7:30 session, but there was a Tongan boy going through for the first time during the 8:00 session, so I waited and went on that session.  I was hoping he’d have an older AND SINGLE uncle in the session w/ him, but all the Polynesian guys were either married or way too old.  Darn it.  Anyways, it was a really good session.  When I was coming out of the temple I saw a few of the GORGEOUS pink hibiscus plants.  They were so bright and vibrant and made me so happy.

IMG_4213 I came home and we had a LAZY Saturday.  We watched The King & I, Mom brought us lunch from Chipotle, and I got a few things done around the house.  For dinner we went over to Mom & Dad’s to spend time w/ them before they leave for Puerto Rico tomorrow.  After dinner, Autumn wanted to play a game so Papa played “Trash” with Autumn.  Then I played a few rounds w/ them.

IMG_4215After that she wanted to play checkers.  Papa is playing w/ one hand behind his back to give her an advantage!  LOL!  I posted this pic on Facebook & Aunt Tafta (Papa’s sister) wrote, “Just like his Grandpa Harold Johnson used to do. I used to believe it gave me an advantage.”  I started laughing so hard, b/c that is EXACTLY what Dad had said when he put his arm behind his back!  I love fun little stories/traditions like this that help create family bonds & memories.

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