Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day Of Second Grade

IMG_2430It as the first day of 2nd grade for my little Autumn Bug.  I have to admit that I’m a little bit impressed with myself … we got up on time (instead of hitting the snooze button 3 times), we both got ready, and I even had time to throw some cinnamon buns (from a can) into the oven for a special breakfast.  We went outside to do our traditional first day of school pictures.

IMG_2439  I kept asking her if she was sure that this is what she wanted to wear for her first day and if she wanted me to fix her hair pretty.  She kept saying that she was happy w/ her choices, so I left her alone.  This definitely not what I would have chosen, and it has been hard for me to give up control about things like that.  I just have to remind myself as long as she’s modest and looks semi-decent, then it really doesn’t matter and isn’t worth getting into a power struggle over.

IMG_4495 I had asked her last night if she wanted me to walk her to her new classroom, or just drop her off outside.  I thought for sure she would say to just drop her off, but to my pleasant surprise she said she wanted me to walk her in.  So, we left super early b/c I was NOT about to mess w/ trying to find a place to park and dealing w/ the wretched traffic.  We got there right as they opened the school at 7:30.  We had to stop and get a picture next to this cute bulletin board out in the hall.

P1120126 We got into her classroom, and her teacher had the kids go to this interactive board where they touched their name and moved it to the box they wanted for their lunch choice!  Pretty fancy & high tech!

P1120127 We snapped a quick picture w/ her teacher, I gave her a hug and a kiss and said goodbye.  Just like that she’s an official 2nd grader!  When I picked her up after school I asked her about her first day, and she really didn’t have a lot to say.  I had to drag the answers out of her, but the gist is that it was great and she likes her teacher.

After dinner tonight I went and got my haircut, b/c it is too long and I want it shorter.  It looked a lot shorter when I left, but after I got home and washed it and styled it and let it dry, you can’t even tell that I got a haircut!  I got Autumn to bed, threw some brownies in the oven, and then Shannon came over at 8:30 to go over YWPres stuff.  We talked until 11:00, and it was really informative and helpful.  I will miss getting to serve w/ her on a weekly basis.  She was such a wonderful YWPres, and even more than that she was a great friend that I came to know and love.

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