Sunday, August 24, 2014

I’m The New Young Women’s President (YWP) In My Ward (Congregation)

P1120121 Today at church was a BIG & life changing day.  I was called to be the new Young Women’s President (YWP) of my ward (congregation).  All of the positions in our ward are unpaid.  I will be in charge of 22 girls from the ages of 12-18.  I am thankful that I’ve already been serving in YW for the past 2 1/2 years, b/c I already know and love the girls.  That was what I was referring to in this cryptic post from Thursday, 8/14.  Bishop Atkinson had asked me the night before at our Wednesday night activity if Mom & Dad had heard back about the BYU Jerusalem Center yet.  I told him they weren’t selected and the plan as of then was that they would submit their papers to go on a mission in March.  He told me that he had been feeling like he needed to call me to the position, but if we were going to be moving out of the ward in a few months then it wasn’t the right timing.  But now w/ this change in my circumstances, he felt it was right to call me.

We had a good discussion about how I will make it all work w/ Autumn and putting her first and foremost.  The Spirit was so strong and we both just KNEW it was the right thing, so I accepted.  I’ve had quite a few amazing and powerful tender mercies already and have been keeping those in my personal journal.  This is going to be a huge commitment and responsibility, but I have great counselors that I will be able to delegate things to.

Right after sacrament meeting, my counselors and I went to the Bishop’s office and were set apart for our callings.  Bishop said some amazing things in my blessing that I made sure to write down later so I refer back to them when times are hard.  The Spirit was definitely present when my counselors were being set apart as well. I just hope and pray that I can be a good YWP!!!

Anyways, Sis. Lee has been saying for the past 6 months that she had a feeling she would be released soon.  So, while she was gone to Utah for 3 weeks this summer I printed off 80 pictures of the the YW and her, and put them in this Project Life mini album.  I had all the girls and leaders sign little cards for her and we presented it to her in YW today.  She is such a phenomenal woman and I have been so privileged to serve with her and to learn from her example.  I have some BIG shoes to fill and am doing all I can to stay close to the Spirit so I can have the guidance & direction I need.

P1120125After church, we came home and just completely vegged out.  We got in our jammies, had lunch, played some games, colored in coloring books, and watched TV.  I took Autumn over to Mom & Dad’s at 4:00, went and picked up Nancy, and we went to a regional Single Adult meeting we were asked to attend.  With my new calling, I won’t have time for any other callings so I’ll have to get released from the Stake Single Adult Committee.  I am glad that was my last meeting.  We planned out the dances & major events for 2015.  I dropped Nancy off at home around 7:00 and went over to Mom & Dad’s.

Dad gave Autumn a Father’s Blessing, which is a tradition that started back when I was a little girl.  We always got Father’s blessings before the start of the new school year, and it was such a great help and comfort.  I’m thankful my Dad is able to do the same for Autumn.  After she had her Father’s blessing, I asked for one too, just b/c I can use the added strength and comfort.

P1120130 We came home and I got Autumn right to bed since tomorrow is her first day of 2nd grade and I wanted her to have plenty of rest.  Shannon brought this Willow Tree figurine over to me today after church w/ the sweetest note.  This figurine is called “SOAR” and I’m hoping that’s what the YW and I will do together.

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Jen T said...

Congrats on your new calling!!! I am also YWP, so I can relate. Best of luck to you! Love the Willow Tree figure, and aren't priesthood blessings the best?!! Have a great one and hope beginning of school went well!