Friday, August 29, 2014

Go Cougars & The Cheese Puff Catastrophe

IMG_4503 The sky tonight on the drive home from work was so pretty.  I just love these big, white, billowy clouds.  We were hoping for rain, but didn’t get any.  Luckily the drought restrictions have lifted a little bit and we can water once a week now instead of just every other week!  We’ve actually had a pretty mild summer as far as temps go, b/c it’s stayed in the high 90’s most of the time.  I hope that doesn’t mean we’re going to have a horrible winter!

IMG_4506 After dinner, we put on the BYU vs. UConn game, which was on ESPN.  GO COUGARS!!!

tejan We were super excited to see #56 playing so much.  He’s a brand new Freshman and his family is in our ward (congregation) at church.  We just love him and his family, and were so happy to cheer for someone from our town!  Go Tejan!

IMG_4511 Autumn & Jackson weren’t that into the football game and had more fun just playing and being together.  They’re such cute cousins, and get along really well for the most part.  Autumn likes to “mother” him, and he lets her most of the time.  He liked playing “horsey.”

IMG_4513The sunset tonight really made the sky look like it was on fire!  Sis. Lee texted me this picture, b/c I only saw the last 10 minutes of the sunset, and missed this part of it.  She knows I LOVE sunsets and pretty skies.  So thoughtful!

IMG_2478We stopped at WalMart to get a few things, and Autumn talked me into buying one of those HUGE containers full of cheese puffs.  We stopped to gas up the car, b/c gas was only $3.10 a gallon!  While it was filling up, I went over to Autumn’s side of the car and stuck my head in the window to have her feed me a cheese puff.  Right when she went to put it in my mouth, I pretended to bite her.  I was just teasing her, but it caught her off guard and she let go of the big container in her lap for just a second.  That was all it took for it to tip over and for more than 90% of the cheese balls to fall out onto the floor!  It happened so fast that neither of us could do anything to stop it.  We looked down at all the cheese balls on the floor, looked up at each other, and both burst out into laughter at the same time.  When I opened the door, a bunch spilled out onto the pavement.  I had to go over to the gas station attendant’s desk and ask to borrow a broom and dustpan to sweep them up.  Then we salvaged what we could of the cheese puffs and threw the rest of them away.  This will for sure be a story to remember in years to come!

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