Thursday, August 28, 2014

“Guess Where We Are” & The Sister Missionaries

IMG_4500 Mom got up early this morning & drove down to Austin to visit her grandbabies.  She texted us this picture saying, “Guess where we are?”

IMG_4501 Dad texted back saying, “Guess where I am?”

IMG_4497 Autumn & I texted back saying, “Guess where we are?”  Don’t worry, I was stopped at a stop light … don’t take selfies or text while driving!  I was glad I was able to leave work 15 minutes early, b/c I for sure needed it!  Thursdays are our crazy day, and today was even crazier than usual.  Autumn’s cheer coach sent an email saying the girls needed to bring their buckets and pom poms to practice tonight.  They have their first game on Saturday, and she wanted the girls to practice w/ their pom poms so it wouldn’t throw them off on Saturday.  So, I had to rush home and get those, and also drop off some FedEx stuff from work at the FedEx box.  I did that, picked up Autumn, had her eat some left over pizza (which she is disgustingly showing off in this pic), and dropped her off at practice.

P1120136As soon as I dropped her off, I went and picked up the sister missionaries and we went to Braum’s to have a little meeting.  They have been asked by their mission president to meet w/ each of the auxiliary presidents in their ward.  We talked about ways they can help the young women w/ missionary work and how we can help them.  Sis. Carlson (left) & Sis. Parkinson (right) are so sweet and just adorable.  It made me miss my days as a sister missionary.  It was a good meeting and I’m glad I got to spend time w/ them.  I dropped them off at their house and still had 45 minutes to kill before Autumn needed to be picked up.  I went home, read more of my “Roses” book, and enjoyed the quiet.

I got Autumn at 7:45, we came home and she showered, and went to bed.  I stayed up until 12:00 and finished my book!  I’m so glad that tomorrow is Friday and that it’s going to be a long 3 day weekend!

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Jen T said...

Your book sounds good. I will have to check it out. Love your sisters picture :) Hope all is going well in your new calling!!