Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Prepping For Young Women In Excellence (YWIE)

P1120131 Tonight was my first activity as YWPres.  There’s A LOT more that goes into being YWPres than being an adviser.  As an adviser, I would have just shown up tonight and helped however I could.  But as YWP I had to send a bunch of emails before tonight to make sure we had all the materials we needed, organize who was doing what, etc.  But, it all worked out even though it was a labor intensive activity.  We had all of the girls make an invitation to Young Women In Excellence (YWIE), which we will be having in a few weeks.

P1120134 We also had them take half of a poster board, fold it in half, and write a word that fills in this blank; I am …  For example, I could say I am “worthy” and then the night of YWIE I could bring a picture of a temple to go along w/ my word.  They are supposed to think of something that they excelled in this year.  I just adore this group of girls, b/c I used to teach of them in Primary back in 2010!!!  Wow, that makes me feel old b/c it seems like that was just a year or two ago.

P1120135Here are some of our cute Beehives working on their words.  Us leaders painted a huge sign that will hang above the stage that says “I am …”  I’m really hoping everything comes together for YWIE.  Autumn had fun watching the girls paint and running up and down the side walk to burn off some energy.  We cleaned everything up, got home at 8:40, I put Autumn to bed, and then spent the rest of the night making invitations for the girls that weren’t there.  Again, something I wouldn’t have worried about as an adviser but that I know need to worry about as the president.  It will be so nice to have a MM Adviser & Secretary called.  I’m excited to meet w/ my presidency soon so we can go over 2 pages of notes of things I’ve thought of that we need to address.  I’m thankful for this calling already, and have noticed that my prayers have changed for the better lately!

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