Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jackson’s Sleepover & Musical Beds

Since today was a 5th Sunday in the month at church, I didn’t have to worry about Young Women’s lessons and such b/c we were combined for the 3rd hour.  It was nice having that buffer week to get things organized and together.  After church we came home, had some lunch, and then went visiting teaching at 2:00.  We were there for a long time b/c Autumn was playing w/ Donna’s granddaughter.  We went to Mom & Dad’s at 3:30 to pick up Jackson b/c they were leaving to go up to the Berrett’s lake house.

We rushed home b/c I was having my first YW Presidency meeting at my house at 4:00.  It went well and we had a LOT of information to go over.  We got through all of it in an hour, which is great.  I already love and appreciate these women that I’m serving with so much!

IMG_4566 Once they left, we put on our jammies b/c we were staying in for the rest of the day and partied!  The kids were SO GOOD while I had my meeting and kept themselves busy making a fort.  First up we did some “freeze dancing” where I play songs on my phone & then pause it and they have to freeze when the music stops.  Autumn & I kept laughing so hard b/c Jackson would just copy whatever pose Autumn was in.

IMG_4571 They had so much fun climbing in and out of their fort, and kept adding to it throughout the evening.

IMG_4573At 8:00, I told them it was time for bed.  We pulled the trundle bed out from under Autumn’s day bed for Jackson to sleep on.  I thought he would love sleeping over, but not so much.  He just cried and cried and said, “I want my Daddy” over and over and over.  I laid down w/ Autumn in her twin bed and that seemed to help him b/c he stopped crying.  We laid there for 40 minutes but neither of them fell asleep!  So, I finally gave up and said we would just watch a movie.  I set them up on the floor w/ blankets and pillows in hopes that they would fall asleep.  Nope, they both stayed wide awake for the whole Frozen movie.  By this time it was 10:30 pm!!!  I put them in bed and laid down in Autumn’s bed w/ her again so Jackson would go to sleep.  We all fell asleep and I woke up at 11:30 and went and got in my own bed. 

We basically played musical beds all night b/c Autumn came and got in bed w/ me sometime during the night.  Then Jackson woke up a while after that and was crying b/c no one was in Autumn’s room w/ him.  So then I went back in there and slept in Autumn’s bed.  After a while she woke up and didn’t want to be alone in my room, so she came and got in her twin bed w/ me.  Needless to say, it was a LOOOOOOOONG night!!!

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Jen T said...

Oh man, bless your heart. That is a long night! Hope you were able to catch up on some sleep after!