Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rodney The Roadrunner Is Back

Can I just say how much I LOVE my ward?  I always look forward to Sunday School b/c the lessons are phenomenal.  I always leave there feeling like I’ve had a spiritual feast.  Sis. Lee taught the lesson in Laurel’s today & it was on the subject of Chastity.  That can be a really awkward subject to discuss, but I love how she presented it.  She had a saucepan & inside that saucepan were quotes from the scriptures and Church talks she had found.  She said the subject of chastity is a “hot topic” and can be “saucy & steamy” sometimes (hence the saucepan).  LOL!  We each took a quote, read it out loud, and then just had a great discussion.  I love our Laurels and their testimonies and insights.

After church we came home and had lunch, relaxed, and then went visiting teaching to Zulema at 3:00.  Autumn was thrilled b/c she brought her Fancy Nancy game to play w/ Ashley.  We rushed home and our home teachers came at 4:30.

P1120057 When we got to Mom & Dad’s house after our home teachers left, we saw Rodney The Roadrunner walking around in their front yard.  He was really far away, so I had to zoom in as far as my camera would let me (which is why this is not the best quality picture).  It was so funny to watch him run around and then stop and peck at the ground looking for bugs.  We haven’t seen him in a while, so we were super glad he’s back.

P1120059 I stayed up WAY TOO LATE (2 am) a few nights earlier this week to read this book.  Maybe that’s why I’ve been so tired lately!  It was good, and I really like Leila Meacham as an author.  It’s an easy read but there’s always a twist.  Plus, the books are long so it keeps you involved in what’s going on.

P1120053Mary wanted to borrow Downton Abbey, so we took it over there on our way home tonight.  They were just sitting down to play Scategories, and they invited Autumn & I to join them.  We had so much fun and laughed so hard at some of the answers.  We didn’t stay too long b/c it was 8:30 and I needed to get Autumn home to bed.  We love the Johnsons and are so thankful they’re our “across-the-street-neighbors.”

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