Monday, August 4, 2014

Shopping & Cards

IMG_4250 Work was just the usual today.  Mom said everyone was on their own tonight, so Autumn & I went to WalMart and had Subway there in the store and then went grocery shopping.  We were out of a LOT of things, so we spent over $100 to restock.  I was THRILLED to see they had their 1 1/2 lb box of blueberries for only $2.98!!! I bought 2 boxes … one to eat now, and one to freeze for later.  I NEVER take it for granted that I have the huge luxury of being able to go to a store, get what I need, not worry about how to pay for it, etc.

Karri texted and wanted to know if we were playing cards tonight, so when Nick got home from work I went over to her house.  It was just Mary & Karri & I tonight.  It’s Kylie’s 16th birthday today, so she played Hand & Foot w/ us for a while and then when she went to bed we played American Rummy.  It’s hard to be out so late (12:30 am tonight), and get up for work the next day.  But, it’s so completely worth it to spend time w/ these ladies that I love and admire so much.

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