Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cheer, Nails, Play & Women’s Conference

Today was busy, and we had something going on every 3 hours or so.

IMG_2581 9:00 Cheer game

IMG_4734 12:00 Lunch (penne dolcelatta) & getting nails done

IMG_2590 3:00 The Princess & The Moon play

Autumn liked this Sun Queen the best b/c of her pretty costume.

IMG_2592 Liz came w/ us and her favorite was the herald/villain.  He did SUCH.A.GOOD.JOB!!!  I am always so impressed w/ the local high school theater productions.

IMG_4737 7:00 Women’s Conference

It was so good and uplifting, and I was so touched that Autumn took notes the whole time.  This is one of the things she wrote, and I’m typing it exactly the way she wrote it:

“Presedent S. Monson is a true profet that is what I think and it is true he is.”

That just makes my Mama hear completely full to overflowing.

P1120221After the Women’s Conference, we met up w/ a few Moms & daughters at a frozen yogurt place.  I loved the place, b/c it was decorated in a tropical/Hawaiian theme.  It was fun spending time w/ these ladies.  Autumn & I got home and I put her right to bed b/c it was late.  It was a non-stop day, but was filled w/ so many good and fun things.  I’m glad we get to rest and recuperate tommorow!

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