Sunday, September 28, 2014

“Who With His Love Doth Befriend Thee”

IMG_4738 Autumn was mad at me this morning, b/c I made her shower before we went to church.  I know … worst Mom ever!  So, she didn’t sit by me and went and sat w/ Liz & Lib on the other side of the chapel.  I didn’t mind at all, b/c I knew she was OK and it gave me a chance actually listen and enjoy the testimonies that were shared.  We were singing Hymn #72 Praise To The Lord, the Almighty, and the last line of the 3rd verse jumped out at me.  “Who with his love doth befriend thee.”  I was fasting today to know how to help the YW in my ward that are struggling, and again the idea of LOVE is being reinforced.

After sacrament meeting, I went into Primary and sat w/ a class that didn’t have a teacher.  A lady I visit teach was asked to teach both her class AND this other class, so she had 13 four year olds by herself!  There was one little boy that has mild autism and he warmed right up to me and sat on my lap and was just as cute as could be.  He melted my heart!

I had to leave before they left for class, b/c I needed to make some YW announcements and make sure all the YW were in class.  As I was walking down the hall, someone told me there were a bunch of YW in the bathroom crying.  So, I casually went in there and tried to help, but they obviously did want help so I left after a few minutes.  I ended up going to Mia Maids class just b/c it started out w/ only one girl and the teacher.  I wish there was less drama and more spirituality!  I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of fasting for the YW over the next few months.

After church I had a quick meeting that turned into a long meeting, and Autumn was an ANGEL to wait for me out in the hall.  We RUSHED home, scarfed down some chicken salad on crackers and then went visiting teaching at 5.  Then, we came home and our home teachers came at 6:00.  I was so mentally, emotionally, and physically spent by the time they left.  We enjoyed the rest of the evening by just relaxing.

IMG_4768Mom & Dad left today right after they got out of church to take a trip to Mt. Rushmore.  Mom texted me this picture to show to Autumn as they drove past Ponca City.  Autumn was so excited to see the line that says, “Indian Heritage,” b/c she’s my Ponca Princess.

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