Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Night At The Temple To Honor Tara

P1120214 The sky was so pretty on the way to school/work this morning.  This kind of made me think of a speech bubble in the sky. LOL!

IMG_4726I haven’t been to the temple in almost a month b/c I usually go on Saturday mornings & Autumn has had cheer games on Saturday mornings.  Mom said she would pick Autumn up & watch her for me tonight so I could go to the temple right after work.  Today is the 6 year anniversary of Tara’s death, and it’s so hard to believe she’s been gone from this Earth for that long!  I still find myself wanting to pick up the phone to call and tell her something.  What better way to honor her and her memory than by going to the temple???

I went to the 6:00 session and it was so full that they had to move us to the biggest room and even then, every seat was full.  Quite a difference from Saturday mornings when there’s usually less than 10 of us in a session.  I ended up sitting next to a lady that looked super familiar to me.  We figured out that we were in the same ward at BYU as Freshman!!!  What a small world.  It was so great to be back at the temple and to bask in the Spirit and the peace that is there.

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Jen T said...

Love that sky picture! So glad you got to attend the temple. Ours is 2 hours away and it is hard to find the time. I wish I could go more than I do. That is a great way to honor your friend's memory.