Saturday, September 6, 2014

TOFW & Mommy/Daughter Dinner Date With Decker’s

IMG_4621 We got up this morning and Papa made everyone Texas waffles.  YUMMY!

IMG_4618 This was the only picture Lexie & I got at TOFW, and I cut off the bottom part of her face … sorry!!!  It was super spiritual and we both heard things we needed to hear.  I’m thankful for chances like this to spend sister time w/ Lexie and to have our spiritual cups filled to overflowing.

IMG_4622 Jon texted this picture to Lexie and said, “we’re having our peanut butter M&M party!” LOL!

IMG_4649 Papa & Andrew took Autumn to her cheer game today since I was at TOFW.  He said that the boy carrying the ball behind her scored a touchdown b/c of the great cheering she and her team were doing.  Too funny!

P1120184 Lexie & I got back from TOFW at 5:00, and Autumn and I went over to Kylie’s house so Autumn could see her before she went to the homecoming dance.  I am so grateful that Autumn has girls like Kylie & Ashley that she looks up to and adores.  Especially b/c they are so kind and loving and have high standards.  Kylie looked GORGEOUS, and her dress was modest too!

IMG_4633 After Kylie left we had a Mommy/Daughter dinner date w/ the Deckers (how’s that for a lot of alliteration).  Autumn picked to go to Taco Cabana.

IMG_4637After dinner we went back to the Deckers and Kenzie & Autumn watched Brave while Karri & I watched Music & Lyrics.  Karri & I were talking about mums and Autumn asked what they were.  We went in Kylie’s room where Autumn got to see and try on one of Kylie’s mums.  It was a fabulous day and super fun night.

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