Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Activity Day Girls & Project Life

IMG_8903 Since we had the youth temple trip  last night, we didn’t have a Young Women’s activity tonight. So, I volunteered to teach Autumn’s Activity Day Girls class (8-9 year old girls). We also combined w/ the older class (10-11 year old girls). We talked about the importance of record keeping, and then I showed the girls how to do Project Life. They each left there with at least a few pages completed! I am so proud of them and hopefully this sparks their desire to keep a personal record of their joys, triumphs, failures, lessons learned, and everything in between. I wish I had tools like this to record my life when I was their age!

IMG_8912 As soon as that was over Autumn & I hurried over to her optional cheer practice. They were practicing their stunt for the cheer game this Saturday. They are looking good and doing a great job! GO LIONS! It was SO NICE to not have Young Women’s tonight. We came home, Autumn showered, and we spent time reading and getting her homework done. I don’t know how parents do it that have multiple kids in multiple activities. I only have one child in one sport and we’re busy bees with just that!!!

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