Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bad Things Happen In 3’s

IMG_8957 Lexie is such a good sport, and let Autumn fix her hair. I’m glad Autumn has such a fun aunt. I had ward council this morning before church, so I left early. I got a text at the end of ward council from Lex saying that she & Autumn went to get into her van to come to church and it wouldn’t start! So, I rushed home to get them, picked them up, and we rushed back to church to be there in time to take the sacrament.

We got home, had some lunch, and were face timing with Mom and Dad. I went to move the tower my phone was sitting on (so we didn’t have to hold it up) and it fell over and into some water that was on a plate in the sink! NOOOOOOOOOOO! The video part was still fine, but the sound part wasn’t working. I hurried and turned it off and put it in a bag of rice in hopes that it would absorb the water.

IMG_8963 After that we tried jumping Lexie’s car, but it still wouldn’t start. So, I called Liberty and he came over to take a look. He said he thought it might be the starter b/c of the noise it was making when she tried to turn it on. But, the starter in her car was somewhere he couldn’t get to it. So, he left and we started to look up tow truck places and mechanic shops that just might be open on a Sunday afternoon. We weren’t having any luck. He texted and said to try jumping it one more time b/c he had a feeling it wasn’t the starter since the car isn’t that old. We used some heavy duty jumper cables from my and it worked!!!!!!!!!

By this time it was 5:00 pm and we were sure there was nothing open this late on a Sunday. We saw that NTB was open until 6:00 so we hurried and called them. They had the battery Lexie needed in stock, so we rushed over there and they had it put in within 15 minutes. WOOT WOOT! We felt so bad that they were having to work on a Sunday, but at the same time we were so thankful they were open.

We booked it back to my house b/c I had a Laurel class presidency meeting at 6:00. We made it back in time for the meeting, and then we had to leave at 7:00 to go to Bishop’s Youth Discussion. Lexie decided to not drive back tonight b/c she was too tired, so she just spent the night and watched Autumn while I went to BYD.

IMG_8968 I got home and watched the first episode of the new Season 6 of Downton Abbey. I am SO SAD this is the final season!!! But, it was such a good episode.

We always say in our family that bad things happen in 3’s, so our 3 bad things for today was my phone being dropped in water (it was working again by the end of the night), Lexie’s car not starting (a HUGE blessing that it was the battery and not the starter), and the check engine light came on in Nick’s car. I’m so thankful that all these things that could have been big issues were handled by the Lord so speedily. Such great blessings for going to church and partaking of the sacrament today!!!

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