Monday, September 14, 2015

Bahama Bucks & Old Navy

IMG_8871I told Autumn that if she wouldn’t fight me about having Family Home Evening tonight, then we could go to Bahama Bucks for our treat (we had a coupon for a buy one, get one free). It was a good FHE, and the treat was good too. We even saw a few people from church there, which was fun.

IMG_8873 Autumn has been asking me to take her clothes shopping since we haven’t gotten her any new clothes since last year. She’s starting to grow out of her pants. We have been to several stores, and she hasn’t found anything she likes yet b/c she’s so picky. She suggested Old Navy, so we hurried over there after our treats. I brought her at least 13 pairs of pants to try on and she found one little thing wrong w/ every single one of them. The store was closing in 5 minutes, so we left empty handed. I told her we’re running out of options of places to find her some pants. She had suggested Macy’s, but I am too cheap and refuse to pay $30 per pair of pants since she’s growing so fast.

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