Friday, September 4, 2015

Nate’s All OFFICAL

IMG_4923 I took Autumn to school today and then went home and got ready for the day. Nick & I went over to the Municipal Court to see Nate get sworn in as an OFFICAL policeman for our city. We are SO STINKIN’ PROUD of him! After so many long months of training the day is finally here.

IMG_4951 They had a nice ceremony where they read a bio about each of the 3 new policeman that went through training together. Then they were sworn in and we got to take a bunch of pictures. It’s interesting that today was also #backtheblue, meaning that people were wearing blue to support law enforcement. At 11:00 today all cops in Texas were supposed to stop and flash their red and blue lights for one minute in honor of Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth.

fist_bump_420x280_thumb One of the professional photographers at the event captured this ADORABLE shot of Olivia giving one of the cops a fist bump. She stole the show and was so stinkin’ cute.

IMG_4967 We went out to eat to celebrate after the ceremony. It was so nice of Maggie & Bob to be there to support Nate. I left right after we ate and went to work. After work I hurried to get Autumn to take her to cheer practice. I came home and took at nap b/c I started getting a sore throat and runny nose today at work.

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Jen T said...

What a neat experience! We need to all do a better job of supporting law enforcement! Hope you are feeling better!