Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Night Lights

P1130102 Tonight was our one Monday night game of the season. The location was changed on us w/out our coach being notified. So, we all showed up at the original location and finally found about the change. Luckily the new place was less than a mile away so we all rushed over there. It was perfect weather for a Monday night game. There are always way more parents there supporting the cheerleaders than there are football player parents.

P1130130 I love this shot of the girls sitting on the sideline watching the other team’s cheerleaders doing their half time show. They won the cheer competition last year, so the girls were watching closely and taking mental notes.

P1130144 The sunset tonight was so pretty!!!

IMG_9454 Everyone cheered when the big flood lights came on. It was cool to watch them under the Monday Night Lights.

P1130162The football players are so good to sit and watch our girls do a cheer for them after every game. Even though it feels like we just had a game (we did on Saturday), it was a fun Monday night game.

IMG_9459When Autumn & I got home, these gooey oatmeal & chocolate bars were sitting on our porch from our Family Home Evening Treat Fairy, Laura. They were as delicious as they look!!! Winning this service at the service auction last month was awesome! It’s so fun to see what delicious treat she’ll bring each Monday night for 4 Mondays. I feel bad we weren’t home when she dropped them off to tell her thank you in person. We’ll make sure to tell her when we see her at church on Sunday.

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