Sunday, October 18, 2015

Primary Program & Priest/Laurel Fireside

Today was a busy Sunday. I had ward council meeting before church and I was in charge of the spiritual thought. I shared the line from Elder Ballard’s talk in conference that really stuck with me about “who will you become through the Atonement of Christ?” Of course I also had a little handout about the Atonement & a treat that tied in.

Today was the Primary Program and Autumn did such a GREAT job on her part. It was John 3:16 and she said it like a pro, b/c she had it memorized. She knew the words to all the songs and was singing her little heart out. She’d catch my eye and give me the biggest toothy smile. I for sure got choked up and teary eyed more than a few times. It’s crazy to think that she only has 3 Primary Programs left before she moves into Young Women’s! AHHHHHH! Time needs to slow down.

IMG_9461Karri texted me this picture of Nick sitting out in the foyer. She said he was watching something on his phone and was laughing out loud. I texted him and told him to quit skipping Sunday School & get to class. He texted back and asked how I knew he was skipping. I told him I have spies EVERYWHERE! LOL!

After church Autumn & I went visiting teaching to Zulema. It was great to hear about her son’s wedding, b/c he got married last week. I used to HATE visiting teaching, but for the past few years I’ve really LOVED it b/c I’ve created such a special bond w/ the ladies I visit, and my visiting teaching partners.

IMG_9447When Nick got home from church he stayed w/ Autumn so I could go to the Priest/Laurel fireside over at Pres Jones’ house. I LOVE this group of Laurels so much, and will be so sad when the 2 on the left graduate soon. I am so blessed to get to serve w/ them on a regular basis. The fireside was really uplifting, and the refreshments after were as good as always. WHEW, what a Sabbath Day!

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