Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Laundry Basket Love

IMG_5786 I got up early this morning and went to see Christy get the gift of the Holy Ghost today. She was baptized a few weeks ago, and technically lives in our ward boundaries, so I went to be there to support her and let her know we’re excited to have her in our ward. When I got home, Autumn was sitting in this tall laundry basket w/ a blanket wrapped around her. What a funny bug!

IMG_5790She wanted me to take a picture of how she can tip herself over in the basket. She cracks me up. I had to stay after church today for BYC and usually she goes home w/ another family that I arrange ahead of time but today she decided to stay. I told her it would be at least an hour long wait and she said she didn’t mind.

When we got home after BYC, I was ready for a nap! So, I took just a short one b/c I knew if I slept as long as I wanted to then I would never go to bed tonight.

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