Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Travel Time Tuesday

IMG_9270 I’m so glad we had an afternoon flight out of Utah, b/c we were able to have a nice & leisurely morning. We got up and were able to do a load of laundry so we could take home all clean clothes. We had breakfast and Autumn was able to get all of her homework done that she missed while she was gone from school. We are so thankful to Aunt Jill for letting us come stay, feeding us, housing us, taking care of us, etc.

IMG_9292 We loaded up the car at 11:00, went WalMart to get headphones, picked up Autumn’s water bottle from Jason & Nicole’s, and then stopped at Swig before heading to the airport. We’re going to miss these gorgeous mountains for sure!

IMG_9300 We got the rental car turned in, got through security, stopped by Cafe Rio to get a sweet pork salad to take home, and made it to the gate with about 20 minutes before boarding started.

IMG_9314 I’m so glad we had headphones on the flight home so we could watch movies. Autumn watched Big Hero 6 and I watched a movie I hadn’t heard of before called, “A Royal Night Out.” Jack Reynor was the main male character in the movie and he is GOOOOOOD looking! It was a cute movie and helped to pass the time. I do have to warn that there were a few parts where I had to put my hands over the screen (or which I would have fast forwarded at home).

IMG_9320 We were so happy to touch down back in Dallas. Nate picked us up and drove us home. Even though it was a WONDERFUL vacation, there’s no place like home. We got all our things ready to go back to work & school tomorrow, and then called it a night. We are so blessed to have made so many great memories on this trip!

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