Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Tearful Sunday

IMG_0173 Miss Olivia is so cute! This is what I did at church today … a lot of crying. I dropped Autumn off at a friend’s house and went to ward council. I LOVE serving w/ the amazing people on the ward council. We joke and have a lot of fun, but we’re also spiritual and get a lot accomplished.

Since it’s a 5th Sunday, the youth and adults were combined during 3rd hour. A few months ago we had decided as a ward council to start a discussion about depression, anxiety, and other disabilities. We aren’t trying to “cure” anyone, we just wanted to raise some awareness that a lot of members of our ward family struggle with these things and that we need to always choose LOVE & KINDNESS!

The Bishop started off by sharing parts of this PHENOMENAL talk by Elder Holland called, “Like A Broken Vessel.” It was an incredible discussion, and a lot of people opened up and shared their own personal struggles. I had been asked to say the closing prayer before the meeting started and was happy to oblige. I did really great until about half way through the prayer and then I LOST IT! The tears started flowing and wouldn’t stop! I had to choke out a few words between sobs. The Spirit was just so strong and this hits so close to home for me w/ my Mom & sister. There needs to be no judgment and just remembering to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everyone!!!

After church it was nice to not have any meetings and just come home and spend time w/ Autumn. It’s going to be hard going back to school & work tomorrow. It’s been WONDERFUL having a 4 day weekend.

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