Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cheer Competition & Emma Dog

IMG_5995 Well today was the big day and we were almost late to it! Autumn woke up at 6:00 am and was watching rainbow loom videos on my phone. She used up all the battery and didn’t go plug it in, so the alarm I had set didn’t go off. Luckily I woke up at 9:12, looked at the clock, and we both flew into super speed mode. We were supposed to be over at the school at 9:45 and we were just a few minutes late. All the girls were getting light make up put on and glitter in their hair.

cheer 4 Right as we got the girls together to take a group picture the battery in my nice big camera died. Luckily I had my back up little point and click camera. This is the best group picture I could get even though I took a bunch, b/c the girls were so excited and nervous and we couldn’t get them all to look the same way at the same time. LOL!

cheer At 10:15 they came and got the girls to take them into the practice gym where they could warm up and run through their routine one last time.

IMG_5999 Once the division before us cleared out of the gym we went in and claimed our spot. Liz & Liberty & Jacob were SO NICE and came to watch Autumn & support her. It meant a lot to have them there (and Nick too).

IMG_6005 Our section of the bleachers went CRAZY when our girls filed into the gym.

IMG_6019 There are 5 cheer groups in Autumn’s division and each of them did a great job, but of course I’m partial to the Lions team. We were the only group that filed out onto the mat like this.

IMG_6031 Last year we had issues w/ the music not starting, but this year there were no hiccups like that. The girls went right into their routine after each of their names were read. Here’s one of their stunts.

IMG_6038 Then here’s the other one where they split up into 3 groups.

IMG_6065 After all the teams had performed we waited for a few minutes while the scores were tallied. Each team took a spot on the mat, and some fun and upbeat music was played while we waited. They played “Whip & Nae Nae” and almost all the cheerleaders got up and danced. Autumn has moves, and I have no idea where she got them b/c I can’t dance like that.

They announced who won coach of the year and it was Coach Gayle! I am so thrilled for her, and she definitely deserves it. I love it how the girls just swarmed her and gave her a big group hug when they announced it was her.

IMG_6097 We got 4th place out of 5, but the girls were still super happy b/c they got a medal. Plus, we won the ribbon for “Most Spirited” which is what cheerleading is really all about anyways, right? I think I deserve that ribbon of Autumn’s, b/c I was a LOUD parent and cheered super loud at all the games. One of the Dads gave each girl a beautiful long stemmed rose. We’re all so proud of our girls and all the hard work they’ve put in. We were told by several parents from different divisions that we were the loudest group at football games during the season.

IMG_6081 We’re so thankful that Liz & Liberty & Jacob came. They’re such good sports to come and stay for the whole time to let Autumn know they love her.

IMG_6083 Autumn practically invited our whole entire ward, b/c she was telling people about this weeks ago. But, she never told them when or where it was. But, I was so proud of her for having the confidence to invite them. We invited the D Family, but the girls couldn’t come b/c they had flag core practice. But Karri came, and it meant so much to Autumn to have her there. We are so blessed w/ such loving and supportive friends.

P1130439 These 3 ladies are wonderful beyond words. They have sacrificed so much for each of our girls. They truly fostered hard work, friendship, and love amongst the girls this year. It’s been a great season.

IMG_6114 After all the fun & festivities & pictures we went over to Nate & Riannon’s so they could hear all about the cheer competition. Nick was so cute and sat and read books w/ Olivia. We even got to Facetime w/ Mom & Dad.

IMG_6117 It was lunchtime and everyone was together, so Nate ordered pizza for us all, which was super nice. It was fun to spend time together before he had to leave for work.

IMG_9958 Autumn & I came home and vegged out for a while to recover from such a big morning. At 4:30 we went over to the M’s house to visit Emma dog. I’ve been thinking about her a lot the past few days, and she’s getting so old that I wanted to make we see her. She was so excited to see us and her tail was wagging so fast.

IMG_9964 Her cute little tongue permanently hangs out the side of her mouth now. We stayed for an hour, and it was great to talk to the M’s and catch up w/ them and what’s going on in their lives. Autumn & I came home and I got showered and cleaned up since I didn’t get to do that this morning. Autumn stayed home w/ Nick and I went to Stake Conference. It was a good and uplifting. I had planned on going grocery shopping after it was over, but it didn’t end until 9:00 & I needed to get home and put Autumn to bed. I got her to bed and then watched a little TV and then put myself to bed! What a big day that I am glad is over!!!

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