Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kidnapping One Of The Young Women

P1130318 I got to leave work early today b’c it’s one of my early Wednesdays. I ran and got some drive thru food b/c I knew we’d be going non stop until bedtime. I picked Autumn up from daycare, she scarfed down some food, and I dropped her off at Activity Days. They made these cute memory boards where they can put pictures, notes, etc. Autumn picked the Polynesian print fabric b/c she knows I love it. So sweet!

IMG_9794 As soon as she was done we raced across town to cheer practice. I dropped her off and went to a local nursing home to see if we can do a youth service activity there in December. Then I went and picked Autumn up from cheer practice 30 minutes early so we could rush back across town and make it to Young Women’s by 7:00.

IMG_9801 For the Beehive’s activity tonight they went to see the movie, “Once I Was A Beehive” b/c it was showing only this week at one theater in the metroplex. I’m so glad they got to go do that together.

IMG_9804 The Mia Maids & Laurels combined this week to “kidnap” one of your YW that we love that we haven’t seen in a while. Her Mom was in on it and let us in the house. We hid in a dark hallway by the stairs, and her Mom called her to come down. As soon as she got to the bottom stair, Brittany jumped out and put a coat over her head and took her outside and put her in the car. Freda kept yelling, “i don’t have shoes on!”

IMG_9809 We took her to Sonic and everyone stood in line to place their order. I felt kind of bad for the guys working tonight b/c it was such a big order. But, they had no other customers there when we got there so I’m sure they were glad to have something to do. When they brought our order out the girls just swarmed. It was really funn.

P1130321 I think everyone had a good time relaxing, eating, and catching up with each other and Freda. I’m glad she was such a good sport about the whole thing. We just wanted her to know how much she’s loved!

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