Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Scripture Study

IMG_9815After I completed the Bishop’s challenge this summer to read the Book of Mormon, I just kept going. It felt so good to be back into the habit of studying the scriptures, especially since it had been years and years since I had done so on a consistent basis. So, I read the Doctrine & Covenants. Then I read the Pearl of Great Price. Since I just finished that, I was debating between starting the Old Testament or the New Testament.

I decided to go with the New Testament since the holidays are here and that will be neat to be reading about Christ and His life leading up to and through Christmas. I love having these reading charts that I can color in as I read. It helps to keep me motivated, it’s fun, and it lets me see the progress I’m making.

Also, I was going to skip the Epistle Dedicatory of the Bible (I’m reading the King James Version of the Bible), but I’m so glad I took the time to read it. It’s super interesting and there’s a lot of good jems of wisdom in there. Here’s to keeping this habit of daily scripture study going!

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