Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Play Date, Dinner Date, & Tornado Warning

I was going to get up and go to the temple this morning, but I ended up going back to sleep. Autumn spent her morning putting up her Frozen stickers in her room.
I spent the morning cleaning up my room, which was a HOT MESS! Autumn has been cleaning out her closet and drawers and putting anything she didn't want or wouldn't wear anymore in my bedroom. It's been like this for about 2 weeks and it has been making me CRAZY! It felt so good to finally get her clothes put away in bins and clean my room.

 At 10:00 we went and picked up Victoria & Genevieve so they could come over for a play date. Autumn hasn't really had many friends over for play dates and she didn't know what to do w/ them. They went to look at her bike and ended up walking down the street in the rain! I offered some suggestions on things they could do. While they did rainbow looms and watched Charlotte's Web I threw together some lunch.
 Then I got out these little ceramic ornament painting kits I had left over from the $1 store. They painted those and finished watching Charlotte's Web. We took them home at 1:30.
 We decided to brave the stores and went to Costco to get paper plates, bowls, and cups to use for Young Women's next year. We had some left over budget that needed to be used up before the end of the year. Then we went to WalMart to get a few groceries for the soup we were going to make for the sister missionaries. They came over for dinner at 5:00. I'm so proud of myself, b/c the kitchen table has stayed cleaned off enough w/ scrapbooking & crafts that we were able to actually sit here and eat dinner.
 We had just finished eating when I heard sirens outside. It ended up being the tornado sirens, so I turned on the news just to see if we needed to run and take shelter. The threat was off to the east of us, so we didn't worry about it. I did take this picture though for the sisters to send to their families.
They are so cute w/ Autumn, and I love that she gets to see how great sister missionaries are so that maybe one day she'll want to go on a mission. Since they couldn't ride their bikes home in the scary lightning storm, we took them home.
Then we went over to Nate & Riannon's b/c they had asked us to babysit Olivia. The lightning flashes were so often & so bright that my eyes were getting all weirded out. We got over there and they ended up not needing us, so we came back home. I got Autumn to bed and spent the rest of the evening watching the news b/c a few tornadoes touched down in the metroplex.
When Nick got home from work he said that they had all the workers & guests go get in the freezers in the store b/c that's the safest place to be in the store! He said they had to do it twice during his work shift. I'm so thankful that we're safe and sound.

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