Sunday, December 27, 2015

Returning Laurels Reward

My Mom sent me a video on Facebook that had this hairstyle she said I should try on Autumn. It was really easy to do, so we gave it a try. It always looks better in the video b/c they use those mannequin heads w/ fake hair. But, it still looked cool and Autumn liked it.

 After Sunday School today I had to get a picture w/ Sis. Lee and these 5 former Laurels that we had the pleasure of teaching and serving with. They're home for the holidays, and we're so proud of them and the amazing women they've become. It's things like this (seeing the great things these ladies are doing with their lives and the good choices they are making) that make the occasional challenges of serving in Young Women's so incredibly rewarding & worth it.

(Alyssa, Rylee, Catherine, Rachel, & Mekinzee)

I taught all the YW combined today, since so many girls are out of town. We talked about our goals (but I hate that word, so I said "intentions" instead), and why they're important. It was a good discussion. For the treat I gave them all a little bag of chips and told them to make sure one of their goals for next year is to "chip" away at doing personal progress.

After church we dropped the sister missionaries off at an appointment b/c the weather is still rainy & they didn't want to come to our house to get their bikes. We basically spent the rest of the day eating, taking naps, watching TV (Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors & Steel Magnolias), and I blogged. It's going to be so hard to get up in the morning to go to work after having 4 days off in a row.  

It's so sad to see the horrible devastation that the tornadoes left in their wake. And then to add insult to injury, it's been rainy and cold all day today. I can't even imagine what these people are thinking and feeling. My cousin Tyler & his family didn't have any damage to their house, but someone just 6 houses down had the front part of their house & the top of their attic ripped off!

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Jen T said...

Glad you were safe from all the crazy storms! It is so sad! Glad your family was safe too!