Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

 It was LOVELY to sleep in today! When Autumn & I finally got up and got moving, we went over to Nate & Riannon's to start cooking. Riannon wanted to use up the pumpkin puree she had made earlier this week, so she had the girls help her make pumpkin muffins. Luckily she tasted the batter right before we poured it into the muffin cups, b/c she had accidentally put salt instead of sugar!!! The containers aren't labeled, so it was an easy mistake to make. She remedied that and used her label maker to mark what's in each container. I helped her to whip up another batch w/ the right stuff.
At the same time, I was also making a double batch of our traditional scrapple. Even though Mom & Dad are gone on their mission, we still have to carry on w/ the traditions they had. I know this picture is blurry, but I still wanted to include it. Once you add the cornmeal to the milk & water mixture, it gets hard to stir. I had to have Autumn hold one side of the pan. At one point she said, "come on, Mom! You can do it! Just use those manly muscles you've got." LOL!!!

After all that baking we were gross & sweaty. It's in the mid 70's here today and is so warm! We were driving home when we passed this Methodist church and saw that they were having a live nativity in their barn that started at 1:00. It was 12:50, so we made a split second decision and went. It was a good service and we sang a bunch of Christmas songs. On the drive home, Autumn & I had an interesting discussion about the Trinity. She was saying how that doesn't make any sense that God & Jesus would be the same person, and I agree. I'm glad she understands the doctrine of the Godhead & how God (Heavenly Father), Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are 3 separate personages. They aren't all one and the same.
We went home, got showered and cleaned up, and then relaxed and finished wrapping a few gifts. We went to a local Baptist church's service at 5:00. I want to broaden our horizons and expose us to what other people believe so we can better understand them. A lot of the doctrines & beliefs are the same, but they also believe in the Trinity. It was good to focus on the Savior today by attending those 2 different services. Nate got off of work at 6:00, and Nick got off at 7:00. So, we fried up the scrapple and Riannon put a ham in the oven. I LOVE this picture of Autumn & I cooking together and carrying on the tradition.
We had a yummy Christmas Even dinner together. We usually have scrapple on Christmas morning for breakfast, but Nate has to work at 6:00 am. I thought we could do it before he leaves, but he leaves by 5:00 am and none of us wanted to get up that early. So, we just celebrated tonight.
After dinner we read Luke 2, per tradition. It's funny that we read it on our phones or tablets now. It's tradition that we open one gift on Christmas Eve, and it's always new pajamas so that we look nice in our pictures on Christmas Day. Olivia got to open all her gifts and we also opened our gifts to each other so Nate could be there and see it all.
After all that fun we went caroling and took some gifts around to a few of our neighbors. Earlier today when we were cooking, I made a double batch of the best homemade caramel sauce that we put in little 4 oz mason jars. We put each one in a little cellophane baggie w/ an apple on top.
Autumn insisted on wearing the gift she opened tonight ... a fuzzy warm bath robe. I didn't buy her new pajamas, b/c she refuses to wear jammies. But this way she can wear her bath robe & still be modest when she's lounging around the house.
It was a wonderful way to spend our Christmas Eve. It helped that we kept busy so we didn't miss not having Mom & Dad here too much.

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