Monday, December 21, 2015

Growing Like A Weed

 Nate was off today, so he offered to watch Autumn for me so I didn't have to pay for her to go to daycare. That was super nice! He said that she just laid on the couch and watched TV for most of the day. I think we're so busy and just go, go, go all the time that she needs some down time. After they went and got Olivia from daycare they went to the park for a little bit. The weather has been so warm her (in the low 70's) the past few days, and it's been great.

 When I picked her up after work she had a mini meltdown. She's so tired from being up until 12:30 am at the sleepover and it finally caught up to her. For dinner we went to Raising Cane's drive thru to use her coupon she got as Grand Prize winner. She started crying b/c she had left Rosy Posy (her elf on the shelf) at Nate & Riannon's. We went back and got her, and on the way home Autumn fell fast asleep.

 I let her sleep for a little bit before I woke her up. We ate dinner and then she wanted me to come in her room while she organized. She has been saying for MONTHS that she needs to organize her room. I keep asking her why she wants me to help, b/c when I do try to help she tells me I'm not doing it right. I think she just wants me in there to watch her. So, I laid on her bed while she putzed around moving stuff from drawer to drawer. She was looking through her backpack & she showed me that she had checked out "The Little Match Girl" from the library. I told her that book always makes me cry, and I asked her if she would read it to me. To my surprise she said yes and sat down on the floor and read the whole book to me. It made me so happy!

I had to snap this pic of her standing at the bathroom counter brushing her teeth. I can't believe how tall she is. It seems like just a year or two ago she had to stand on a step stool to reach the counter. She looks so tall & grown up in this picture. Yet I love that she has Rosy Posy sitting on the counter next to her. I'm hanging onto these childhood moments of hers and trying to make them as magic & special as I can b/c they'll be over and gone before I know it!

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