Monday, February 29, 2016

Computer Updates & A Volleyball Jersey

 Happy Leap Day! I didn't really do much of anything to celebrate the extra day in the year. It was just business as usual. Ever since I got back from South Africa my computer has been running slow. Today it was ridiculously slow, so my boss had me download the new Windows 10. It took about an hour, so I just sat at my desk and looked at Facebook & Instagram on my phone. I'm really hoping this fixes the issues b/c I rely so much on my computer for work and I need it to run properly. Technology is so incredible, except for when it doesn't work. It's scary to me how much we rely on technology for everything.

After work Autumn & I went to a local sports store for her to try on some volleyball jersey. I signed her up for volleyball and her coach needed to know what size jersey to order for her. We ended up needing a Ladies LARGE b/c in this style of jersey the medium was too tight in the midsection. I hope volleyball will be a fun & successful sport for Autumn.

Nate & Riannon invited us over for dinner and they had made 7 layer dip. Riannon is pregnant (due in September) and she had a craving for 7 layer dip, so that's what we had. I'm thankful we have family that live so close! 

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