Sunday, February 28, 2016

Smoothies & Service Sunday

 Autumn & I wore our African clothes to church today. I had really wanted one of those bright & colorful & dresses but couldn't find any in my size. I did find this wrap skirt though, and it was only $6! SCORE! I'm also wearing a necklace, earrings, bracelet, and ring I got in South Africa (you can only see the necklace in this pic), We found this African print dress that's too big for Autumn but it's the one she wanted so she can grow into it. She's being silly on purpose and trying to look like she has "triple chins."

 I taught in Laurels today about the Plan of Salvation and I only had 1 Laurel in class. The other 2 decided to skip class, but I'm not their babysitter and wasn't about to go find them to tell them to come to class. I want the best for them b/c I love them, and it's sad to see them making unwise decisions.

We FINALLY got a new YW secretary and I am THRILLED. She's absolutely incredible and has already relieved me of several things I was trying to do. She's proactive, organized, and I already love her to pieces. She came over after church so we could go over some things as to what I need her to do.

As soon as I was done meeting w/ her, Autumn & I went visiting teaching. I used to hate visiting teaching, but I have loved it now for several years. It helps that I have a great partner and we switch off as to who sets the appointments and who teaches. Plus, I adore the 2 ladies we visit teach.

After visiting teaching we came home, ate dinner, and relaxed. Autumn wanted to have some fancy smoothies, so we made those for a treat. I love it that she wanted to add the strawberries on the side of the glass.

Dad sent us this picture of Mom, b/c this is where they decided to donate all the kids' clothes that Lexie & I brought over in our suitcases. Mom didn't want to go in b/c she was worried it would be dirty and depressing. However, they were both so pleasantly surprised. It was clean, it was organized, and the babies were happy. I'm thankful to all those who donated clothes so we could give them to those in need. Service is such a wonderful gift b/c you can't help but be improved yourself by blessing the lives of others. I'm thankful for parents who lead by example.

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