Saturday, February 27, 2016

World Record, Open House, Hockey, & Talent Show

 Nick, Autumn, & I got up early this morning to make it to downtown Dallas by 9:00. We were participating in the TangoTab Guinness World Record for the most people making sandwiches simultaneously. TangoTab used to hold the record, but then Subway broke that record in August 2015 with 1,481. TangoTab wanted to break their record and get it back.

 Look at how many loaves of bread people brought! You can see Autumn down at the end of the line in all black. There was also this much bologna, cheese slices, and mustard that people brought.

 I brought my selfie stick so we could get a picture of just how many people there were! This is Lori (the lady who filled in for me at work while I was gone) and her family.

 This was a little bit different than the usual sandwich making we do on the first Saturday of the month, b/c there were specific rules we had to follow. There had to be 10 people at each table, and each person was only allowed to make ONE sandwich. It had to be done within a 5 minute time frame (easy), and we had to give our finished and bagged sandwich to a "steward." Each steward was over 5 tables and would put our sandwich in a box, and then cut off our wrist band and put that in an envelope w/ the official Guinness World Record papers.

Then when the 5 minutes was up each steward took the box of 50 sandwiches along w/ our wrist bands to the front where the official Guinness World Record representative counted it all up.

 While we waited for the official tally, we were able to make sandwiches like normal. Our table was super speedy and we made A LOT of sandwiches. Our steward finally told us to not make any more b/c we had made so many and they ran out of boxes to put them in. We left before the official announcement was made, b/c Nick had to be to work by 1:00. But, I read online that we broke the record with 2,586! WOOT WOOT!

 We grabbed some lunch, Nick went to work, and Autumn and I took a Subway sandwich over to Sis. Lee. She has been at the new church building open house all day and I figured she must be hungry. These are the ladies of the amazing PR committee for our Stake. I love each one of them so much. I hadn't planned on walking through the building, but Autumn wanted to see it. She regretted that since I stopped and talked w/ a lot of people b/c they wanted to hear how Mom & Dad are doing and how our trip to South Africa went.

In one of the rooms they had stuff about missionaries. It was fun to find Papa & Mimi's names on this map of missionaries that are serving from our Stake.

 We came home, rested for a bit, and then went to Nate's hockey game. Each year there is a Police vs. Fire hockey game. Nate is in the middle standing next to the goalie.

 Curt even came and watched part of the game. We were all impressed that Nate skated as well as he did. Nate is good at all things involving sports! Curt said this is the first selife he's ever taken. LOL.

 The game was fast, good, and exciting. We made sure to cheer super loud every time Nate was on the ice. In the end, the Fire won with a score of 8 to 7. Nate's in the back row on the far right. It looks like he was #7, but he was actually #17.

 After the game he skated over to the glass to wave to Olivia. It took about 40 seconds for her to realize it was her Daddy and that he was waving at her and for her to wave back. It was super funny and cute.

Autumn & I didn't stay for the professionals game, b/c we wanted to attend our ward talent show. It was also a chili cook off, so we got a free meal to boot! It was wonderful to see so many little kids share their talents. My favorite was Autumn's Activity Day leaders (who are both Polynesian) doing a hula dance. It was a full and busy day, but that's good b/c it kept us from taking a nap due to the jet lag. We've actually adjusted back to the time change really well. It's hard to believe that just one week ago we were starting our African Safari!

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